Friday, 16 August 2013

Lime Crime Lipsticks!

(L-R Corquette, Barbette and Cosmopop)
I had been looking at the Lime Crime lipsticks online for a while now but never purchased them as I really dislike the packaging (sorry lime crime!) Never the less, I had read nothing but positive reviews about these so I thought ignore the packaging and give them a try!
I got the colours Corquette (a peachy nude) Barbette (a pinky nude), which is also Corquettes cousin or something along them lines! and lastly Cosmopop which is a bright orange I love this colour! 

 L-R Corquette, Barbette and Cosmopop
Lime Crime are known for their bold bright colours which look amazing but I don't have the balls to pull them off so of course I stick to neutrals :) These lipsticks are so pigmented all you need is one swipe! They are matte finishes but surprisingly they are not as drying on the lips compared to other matte lipsticks. They last really long on the lips but can also stain your lips a little too. I imagine the bright colours must be worse for staining the lips. Overall, these lipsticks are amazing for the price I would definitely recommend these especially if you are a fan of matte lipsticks.

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime lipsticks? Leave a comment :)

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